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toi.lab Off-Site days

Developing creative thinking skills in a unique and inspiring urban space

toi.lab’s off-site days are optimal for:

  • R&D teams working in a constantly changing environment with challenges requiring new and creative solutions

  • Project managers leading creative processes, who daily monitor and manage projects that simultaneously require management and creative thinking and freedom

  • Executives who want to remain connected to the ongoing work in their organization while developing strategy and leadership in fast-changing markets

After learning a number of tools and methods, participants will utilize what they learned to make and build together. The tools and methods are used to complete a task with which participants challenge their thought patterns and break them both as individuals and as a team.


Toys and play are at the core of the work and workshops at the toi.lab. 

While working with R&D teams in our lab, we developed methods that allow experimentation and trial of the learned tools using games and technological toys. 

We believe that combining play with exploration and experimentation is a critical component in the recipe for developing creative thinking.


The workshops and their content are custom fit to the organization's goals. The content can either be directly related to the organization’s everyday challenges or can offer completely different references enabling participants to relax and refresh from their routine.


Coral Aharonovich, 03-9231039

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