A Gallery for toys and electronics

exploring the space between physical and digital

cypherpunks, hackers, makers and artisits

/location based technology/ mixed reality/ kidtech/ robotics/ AI-ML/ ameture radio/


toi.lab is a space designed for play, engagement and debate about how technology extends the human experience.

We display the works of those who do, creators of details in physical realty,

individuals who dare to dream in the face of existence.

We are an Open-Source community and encourage transparency, sharing, and creation of value.

We believe in personal responsibility, self ownership of identity, the right to privacy and the freedom to Play :)


Zeev Jelnik


Zeev is a multi-disciplinary hacker, artist and a full stack developer.

Give me hot glue and a place to stand and I shall stop the earth.

Coral Aharonovich


A project manager with experience in the private and public sector, Coral is finishing her graduate degree in Conflict Transformation and she claims that food is life itself.

Ayal Segev



Architect, cypherpunk, and freedom fighter. 

Father, loving partner and handyman. a human being


Sunam Lama


The lab mom, Sunom came to us all the way from Nepal and is the mother of three wonderful girls! Above all, she loves to sing and dance!

Yaeli Nissimov


An industrial designer and leader of design processes in a variety of fields from toys to medical equipment. As part of her daily routine, Yaeli chooses to stand on her head. 

come play!

Montifiore 31, Tel Aviv








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